Five Common Tree-Eating Bugs in Torrance, CA

Trees make wonderful habitats for many forms of wildlife, including insects. Unfortunately, tree-eating bugs can harm a tree’s health and beauty. If you live in Torrance, California, you might wonder which types of destructive pests you should watch for.

top-notch tree service contractor in Torrance like Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping can help with insect pests damaging trees in your yard. Below, we share some of the pests that can cause considerable damage to these plants.

tree eating bugs

Top Five Destructive Tree Insects

Tree pests regularly cause problems for trees in Torrance and other locations, especially when they’re not native to the area they’re affecting. Here are some of the most worrying infestations a tree can have.

1. Aphids

An aphid is a type of small insect that most people won’t notice until their trees already develop an infestation. Some of the warning signs of an Aphid infestation include:

  • Poor tree growth
  • Yellowing leaves with a sticky residue
  • Misshapen leaves

Though insecticide treatment for tree pests is a viable solution for some tree-eating bugs, prevention is the best approach to aphids. 

2. Spotted Lanternfly

This invasive pest is a relatively new problem in the area, but spotted lanternflies can cause substantial damage to hardwood trees and other plants. An infestation often leads to stunted tree development and defoliation. 

Since the spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect, you must report any sightings of them according to USDA APHIS instructions. Trapping and killing the insects is also advisable. 

3. Thrips

These tiny flying bugs feed on sap and fungal spores. Their feeding methods harm trees by causing leaf discoloration and distortion. They also deposit tiny black drops of excrement on tree leaves and flower petals, further impacting the plants’ attractiveness. 

Controlling thrips infestations can be difficult without help from a qualified tree care service. Insecticide treatment for tree pests and sticky traps may help keep their population in check. 

4. Asian Longhorn Beetles

Asian longhorn beetles come from Korea and China, making them invasive to California. The adult beetles eat the bark and leaves from certain trees like willow, birch, and maple.

When they lay their eggs, they do so by burrowing in the tree bark. As the larvae hatch, they dig tunnels through the tree’s inner layers, causing substantial damage.

5. Spider Mites

Though spider mites are hard to see without a magnifying glass, they produce fine webs that are easier to detect. These insects prefer dry conditions, and they create streaks, spots, and discoloration on leaves. Usually, treating them involves insecticidal soap. 

Let Us Help Protect Your Trees From Borers and Other Tree-Eating Insects

At Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping, we know how damaging tree-eating bugs can be to Torrance, California’s plant life. If you need help identifying insects that eat trees or want natural control methods for tree-eating bugs in your yard, reach out to our team. Our qualified arborists have years of experience identifying and treating pest infestations, as well as planting big trees and providing emergency tree removals. 

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