How to Stop Tree Root Sprouts in Torrance, CA

If you cut down a tree in your yard, over time, you might notice new growths or sprouts shooting up from the stump or around the roots. Tree root sprouts or shoots grow due to stored energy in the tree’s leftover parts. Knowing how to stop tree root sprouts from growing will keep your yard looking good and preserve the health of your remaining trees. 

Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping provides the ultimate tree services in Torrance, CA. Though tree sprouts are a nuisance, we know the best tactics for managing tree root spread, which you can learn more about below. 

Why Tree Root Shoots Are a Problem

Planting trees offers many benefits including cooling shade, food sources for humans and animals, and even natural water production through transpiration. Despite those benefits, you don’t want random tree root sprouts in your yard and robbing your established mature trees of important nutrients and water.

Whenever tree root sprouts form on stumps or near the base of healthy trees, the growths can give the yard an unkempt appearance. They also take energy and nutrients from a healthy tree for their own development. This usually makes the tree weak, sickly, and vulnerable to disease, pests, and other problems.

Tips for Suppressing Tree Root Sproutings

Consider these tips on how to stop tree root sprouts from invading your Torrance property,

Manual Trimming

Pruning tree root shoots by hand using handheld sheers is a good yet time-consuming way to get rid of these problematic growths. Though pruning does a great job at minimizing the presence of tree root sprouts while encouraging healthy tree growth, you’d have to do the chore regularly to keep the sprouts from returning. You must also cut carefully so you don’t damage the tree’s bark when removing the sprouts.

Chemical Tree Root Growth Inhibition

A growth inhibitor is a great way to deal with tree root sprouts and prevent them from returning to healthy trees. Unfortunately, this chemical treatment can cause tree damage if you use too much so it’s best to contact a tree care specialist who can recommend the appropriate growth inhibitor or apply the treatment themselves.


If your yard has a tree stump growing root sprouts, consider using a stump killer herbicide to prevent anything from growing from the stump. The residual energy in the tree’s roots is responsible for the sprouts. Work with an arborist who can apply the herbicide treatment to ensure the successful elimination of tree root shoots.

Get Help Controlling Tree Root Growth From Torrance Tree Care Experts

Despite knowing how to stop tree root sprouts, professional intervention is sometimes necessary. Thankfully, Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping in Torrance, California has experience stopping and preventing tree root sprouts. 

As a top tree care provider for residential and commercial properties, our professional arborists offer multiple tree care services including palm tree trimming and skinning, tree removal, and emergency tree care. Whether you need help with overgrown trees or stopping tree root shoots, we have the expertise to help. Call (310) 324-6593 today for an estimate.

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