Can You Move a Tree Without Killing It in Torrance, CA?

Can you move a tree without killing it? If you made a mistake and planted a specimen too close to your house or want to rearrange your garden landscape, this concern may have crossed your mind. 

As a dependable tree service in Torrance, we at Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping know the ins and outs of transplanting trees safely. Keep reading as we break down the details and help you navigate the process.

can you move a tree without killing it

Age and Size

Young or small specimens make excellent candidates for relocation. With less expansive root systems and overall mass, they easily adapt to change and can bounce back from the stress of moving. 

If you have a towering giant in your yard, things become a bit more complicated. Larger trees require a more hands-on approach to help them survive the transplant. 

Moving Trees Without Harm

Can you move a tree without killing it? With the right preparation and tree relocation methods, you absolutely can. Let’s review the process.

Prepare the New Site

Does the tree’s new home meet its sunlight requirements? What about soil quality, drainage, and growing space? The last thing you want is to go through all the effort only for your specimen to struggle because its new spot isn’t up to snuff. 

Dig a hole about twice as wide as the tree’s root ball and just as deep. 

Trim the Roots

Most tree translocation techniques recommend pruning the roots to catalyze the growth of new feeder roots, which excel at absorbing water and nutrients quickly. During this period, give your tree adequate water and nutrients to make it as resilient as possible.


Schedule the relocation during the dormant period (between autumn and early spring) to minimize shock. Follow these steps:

  • Water the soil three days before digging. Thoroughly soak the root ball so the surrounding soil sticks as you dig. Use twine to tie the sack tightly.
  • Uproot the tree slowly, then move it to its new location. You can use a wheelbarrow or a trolley for heavier specimens.
  • Set the plant at the same depth in its new home as it was in its old one. Fill around the root ball with the soil you removed beforehand.

Conduct Maintenance

You may need to stake the tree temporarily to help it withstand the wind and encourage upright growth. Don’t forget to give it a good soaking right after planting, and keep a close eye on moisture over the first few months. 

Extra TLC during this initial period can make a world of difference in how well it adapts.

Expert Tree Preservation During Relocation

Can you move a tree without killing it? Yes, but it can take a keen eye, a gentle touch, and patience. 

Why not leave this delicate task to Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping? We excel at minimizing tree shock during moving and helping specimens recover.

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