4 Yard Tips on Planting Big Trees in Your Torrance Yard

Large tree installations can help transform your landscape using a tree’s beauty without waiting for seedlings to grow. Whether you want established trees to enhance your property’s visual appeal or privacy, you must prepare correctly when planting mature trees. 

As a professional tree service in Torrance, California, Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service and Landscaping has ample experience removing and transplanting big trees. Are you ready to tackle this job? Read below to learn the best way.

4 Essential Tips on Big Tree Planting

Conserving old trees instead of planting new ones helps to offset the effects of climate change. Whether planting tall trees on your property for aesthetics or the environment, follow these steps to ensure a successful tree relocation.

1. Know Your Reason for Having Mature Trees

People install mature trees on their properties for multiple reasons. Some homeowners want to establish a statement tree to enhance their property’s curb appeal while others opt to use a tree as a natural privacy barrier.

When you undersatand why you want a big tree instead of a young sapling, you can more easily decide on other factors like its ideal location and available space. 

2. Ensure You Have Enough Space

Space can become a problem when planting mature trees. Once you pick the location where you want your tree, you must ensure you have enough space to accommodate it and consider factors such as its growth rate. Additionally, if you’re concerned about moving a tree without killing it, it’s crucial to assess your yard’s available space carefully.

You can assess your yard’s available space by following these steps:


      • Measure the tree’s width and height to determine if a spot in your yard is big enough for the tree.

      • Keep the tree quantity in mind; how many trees you plant will determine if the space can accommodate everything, including the spacing between each plant.

      • Don’t forget about the tree’s growth rate.

    3. Be Mindful About Competing Root Systems

    When establishing big tree growth, the last thing you want is for your tree to compete with other plants in your yard for moisture and nutrients. Some root systems can grow within the top 18 inches of soil and spread wider than the tree’s canopy. 

    If you want a garden in your yard after planting big trees, choose smaller plants that won’t compete too much with the tree’s roots. Smaller plants often mean small roots. 

    4. Understand Soil Conditions

    The soil in your yard must be ready to handle the tree’s needs. Consider its ability to retain moisture. Some tree species are more suitable for wetter soil than drier earth that loses water quickly.

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