Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems on Your Torrance Property?

As a property owner or manager, you should monitor trees growing in the immediate area around your house. While some people avoid trees altogether, others opt to remove trees growing near or around their property. However, can removing a tree cause foundation problems?  

As Torrance’s highly rated tree service, the crew at Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service and Landscaping delves deeper into the effects of removing trees on foundations. Keep reading for a better understanding of tree removal and foundation impact.  

The Impact of Tree Removal on Foundations  

Predicting the consequences of tree removal on your foundation depends upon several factors.  

In most cases, you won’t have to deal with foundation issues from tree removal. In fact, removing a tree that grows too close to your foundation may have surprising benefits. When you remove a tree with a root system under or wrapping around your foundation, the soil rises.  

The rise happens because water that the roots previously absorbed percolates into the ground. This process can strengthen the foundation and correct leaning or settling issues that may have caused cracking. In rare cases, however, the rise or swelling increases the likelihood of floods or erosion.  

Tree Removal and Structural Damage  

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? It depends. If done incorrectly, tree removal can cause extensive foundation damage. Occasionally, tree removal may cause some foundation damage. Keep an eye out for symptoms that you have a compromised foundation such as a sudden hole or dip.  

Tree removal may also cause an unusual or vertical crack. Removing a tree may also pull material attached to the roots, potentially impacting the structure.  

The Bottom Line  

While tree removal may seem like a preventive strategy, it always helps to consult a foundation expert and let tree removal experts handle the removal. These experts have a better understanding of tree extraction and foundation problems and possess the proper equipment to do the job right.  

Besides, any reputable tree care expert knows the local tree ordinances and has the requisite permits and insurance to cover unforeseen damages. Invest in regular inspections of a problematic tree to avoid later repercussions.  

Depending on a tree’s species and anatomy, an expert can also help you predict how big and tall the tree will grow and advise you on the right trees to avoid foundation damage. That way, you can prepare for consequences that may arise in the future.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Now that you can answer the question, “Can removing a tree cause foundation problems?” Don’t hire just anyone for your tree care needs. At Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service and Landscaping, we love trees and understand the value of preserving green spaces.   

Our professional tree and landscaping services include:

  • Emergency tree services  
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  • Tree trimming and shrub pruning  
  • Artificial turf installation  

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