How to Treat Brown Spots on Tree Leaves in Torrance, CA

How are your trees? Looking closer might reveal some tree health warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service and Landscaping, Torrance’s most trusted tree service, addresses many common arboricultural questions. Here, the team looks at how to treat brown spots on tree leaves. 

What Are The Brown Marks on Your Tree’s Leaves?

Typically, seeing brown spots on leaves is a sign of fungal diseases, which often develop as a result of overwatering. The marks can range from white to black and be symmetrical or amorphous in shape. 

It’s also possible for your tree to contract bacterial leaf spot disease. In this case, the spots have a yellow halo. These marks will merge and take over the whole leaf.

What Causes These Diseases in Trees? 

Knowing what might cause these marks on leaves makes it easier to treat them. Consider the following:

  • An overflowing garden waste pile can harbor pathogens and fungi. 
  • Too much foliage allows the infection to spread. 
  • A cluttered canopy doesn’t admit enough air or sunlight to dry out the leaves. 
  • An overly wet season makes spots more likely to develop. 

Common Leaf Spot Diseases

So, let’s look at a few leaf spot diseases as a first step in learning how to treat brown spots on tree leaves as they arise.

Septoria – Looks Like Mold With a Dark Border

You’ll notice round spots that have a blackish border. This infection looks the most like mold and will spread over the entire leaf, which blackens and shrivels. 

The leaf drops to the ground, where the spores wait out the winter. 

Venturia – Dark Spots and Curling Stems

Are there brown or black spots apparent in the early spring leaves? It stunts and disfigures leaves, infects shoots to blacken and weaken them, and makes stems curl in on themselves. 

This disease only affects the young shoots and leaves. As the season progresses and the cell tissue matures, the tree becomes more resistant. However, the disease can kill saplings and young trees and leave older trees more vulnerable to pests.

Cedar-Apple Rust – Starts Small and Yellow

This is an ugly fungus that seems to mutate trees and shrubs. If you see the first signs of this disease, perform judicious pruning. You’ll notice the first spots appear after the leaves start to shoot. 

The spots start yellow and spread to brown clusters that affect the leaves, fruits, and twigs. They also attach to the needles of Juniper trees. 

Anthracnose – Beige to Black Spots

This group of different fungal infections attacks various species and leaves the same beige to black-colored marks.

You’ll notice that the marks are more irregular in some trees than others.

Contact Our Team for Help With Leaf Spots

Dealing with seemingly innocuous issues in the garden can be challenging. When it comes to how to treat brown spots on tree leaves, the spots may look similar for different diseases, so it’s a good idea to get some professional eyes on them. 

Whether it’s spots or pesky aphids on trees, Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service and Landscaping can help. Call 310-324-6593 today!

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