What Happens If Your Tree Falls on the Road in Torrance, CA?

Tree ownership comes with various responsibilities. For one, you must maintain the tree’s health and note any dangers it poses. Ever wonder what happens if you wake up one morning only to find your tree blocking the road?  

As the go-to tree removal company in Torrance, our team at Gutierrez and Tree Service discusses what happens if your tree falls on the road in Torrance.

what happens if your tree falls in the road

Safety First  

First things first, always observe safety whenever a tree falls. If you come across a fallen tree, steer clear of it to minimize the risk of injury. Similarly, don’t try to remove the tree yourself — hire a tree removal expert.  

Who Is Responsible?  

Regarding responsibility for a tree that has fallen on the road, you must consider two aspects: paying for the cleanup and handling any potential property damage. Let’s start with the party responsible for cleaning up the mess.  

Regardless of who is responsible for a fallen tree, prompt tree removal matters. Cities typically must maintain all public roads and sidewalks within their boundaries. This includes removing debris from roads and public spaces as soon as possible.  

It helps to know what happens if your tree falls on the road. Most jurisdictions will have a team on standby, ready to clear the streets of debris, such as from a fallen tree. 

Depending on the tree’s size, experts recommend calling the local government so they can dispatch workers to take care of the tree.  

Responsibility for the Cost of Damage  

Once local authorities take care of the cleanup, it’s time to survey the damage and determine associated costs. If your tree falls on the road without damaging anything else, all you’ll need to worry about is the debris left behind by the cleanup crew.  

Even if the tree falls on a parked or moving vehicle on the road, you may not be responsible for the damage. Depending on the car owner’s insurance coverage, their insurance company may cater for the damage caused by the fallen tree.  

Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage caused by falling trees or branches regardless of tree ownership. However, if a tree fell due to negligence or poor tree maintenance, California law could hold you liable for damages.   

Otherwise, if a storm damages a healthy tree and causes property damage, the law could consider it an Act of God. If so, the affected party must file a claim with their insurer to take care of the damages.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts   

With over 40 years of experience in tree care and maintenance, our team at Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service has what it takes to provide reliable tree solutions. Our competent crew can handle any tree care task, including:  

  • Emergency tree service  
  • Tree trimming and shrub pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • Tree planting  

Call Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service at (310) 324-6593 to request a free quote for tree service in Gardena, CA, or nearby. Reach out for additional advice on what happens if your tree falls on the road or to learn how to deal with an overgrown tree.

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