Will Damaged Tree Roots Grow Back?

Will damaged tree roots grow back? The answer depends on how badly you disrupted the roots and the tree species. In this article, Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service, your reliable tree service company in Torrance, explains more about this topic. 

will damaged tree roots grow back

Signs That the Roots Are in Trouble

The problem with damaged tree roots is that you can’t always gauge the full extent because they’re underground. However, the tree will soon show signs that it’s struggling, so watch out for: 

    • Premature leaf coloration, even though the fall is still some time away
    • Fungal growth or abnormal swelling on the trunk or its base
    • Foliage becoming a very light green or yellow color
    • Upper branches dying back
    • Dark spots on the trunk or the roots growing above ground
    • A noticeable reduction in the tree canopy
    • Soft spots on the trunk
    • Dying back of the ground cover under the tree
    • Seeping wounds on the trunk
    • Leaning that occurs suddenly

If your tree looks like it can topple over, it’s a sure sign the roots are damaged, so call us for the right solution. Additionally, if you notice persistent root sprouts, it’s important to address and stop tree root sprouts to prevent further complications.

Fixing the Damage

Will damaged tree roots grow back? With healthy trees and the right care, the answer is usually, “Yes.” Your best remedy is to call a tree service as soon as possible. We’ll perform a complete risk assessment and explain your next steps. In this case, care is supportive; you’ll need to do the following. 

Water Carefully

Root damage means your tree’s less able to soak up moisture from its surroundings. Therefore, you want to check the ground at least once a week for dryness. Dig a small hole about three inches deep. If the soil’s dry, water deeply. It’s important not to overwater as this can drown the roots and cause them to rot. 

Aerate the Soil

Whether you do this or not depends on what caused the damage. If earthmoving equipment compacted the soil, then this is the next step. However, it’s also a good idea to aerate the ground every few years for your tree’s health. Doing so incorporates air pockets the roots need and also alleviates compaction. The roots will be able to move more freely in the soil and find nutrients. 

Dig up the ground carefully, avoiding the roots. You can also poke holes in strategic locations. 

Prune the Roots

If the damage is due to a digger shearing off the roots, remove the severed pieces and dispose of them. Cut away parts that are still semi-attached. Clean up any jagged edges using clean tools, and then cover the roots up again as carefully as possible. It’s a challenging task requiring extensive expertise, so if you’re unsure how to proceed, call us for help. 

Contact Us to Give Your Tree Its Best Chance

The question isn’t always, “Will damaged tree roots grow back?” but rather, “Is the tree stable enough to remain standing?” We have the expertise to evaluate the best time to remove trees and when to support their regrowth instead. Call Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service at (310) 324-6593 to schedule a consultation today!

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