The Four Tools for Tree Pruning Professionals Use

Routine pruning forms an essential part of tree maintenance. However, proper pruning requires specific tools to limit damage and ensure the best results. Gutierrez & Sons Tree Service put together some professional arborist tools for tree pruning and their role in the tree trimming process.

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The Importance of Tree Pruning

Many Torrance homeowners believe pruning only enhances the shape and appearance of a tree. However, it’s also crucial for managing overgrown trees, ensuring they don’t pose a risk to property or obstruct views. Although proper pruning increases a tree’s visual appeal, it also provides several other benefits that help it thrive, such as promoting healthy growth and preventing pest infestations.

Four Professional Tree Pruning Tools

Professional arborists use numerous tree-trimming tools to shape trees and enhance their overall quality. Below, we discuss just some professional tools for tree pruning.

1. Hand Shears

Also called hand pruners, hand shears refer to small yet effective tools perfect for cutting small tree limbs. They can trim branches up to ¾ of an inch thick with surgeon-like accuracy, limiting trauma while enhancing aesthetic appeal. 

Arborists use three types of hand shears:


      • Bypass Shears: Scissor-like shears with two curved blades that efficiently cut healthy branches at awkward angles.
      • Anvil Shears: Powerful straight-blade shears used to trim dead branches.
      • Ratchet Pruners: Shears with an assist mechanism that reduces wrist strain when trimming thick limbs.

    2. Pole Saws

    Arborists use pole saws to cut high branches within the tree’s canopy. Most feature a small chainsaw or large blade mounted on a pole that allows professionals to trim tree limbs without climbing the tree, making the process safer and less time consuming. 

    3. Bypass Loppers

    Bypass loppers are larger versions of bypass hand shears that make trimming moderately sized branches a breeze. They have long handles that give arborists more leverage while pruning, making it much easier and more efficient. Arborists also use bypass loppers to trim large shrubs with exceptional precision. 

    4. Pruning Saws

    Pruning saws are incredibly sharp hand saws that prune two to five-inch tree limbs. They come in manual and mechanical varieties and make quick work of robust branches that smaller tree pruner tools can’t handle without experiencing significant wear.

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