When Is the Best Time To Remove Trees?

When is the best time to remove trees? If you have a specimen in your outdoor space that no longer brings joy to your eyes or, worse still, poses a threat to your property, you’re probably pondering this very question. 

As the go-to crew for expert tree removal in Torrance, our team at Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping Inc. can shed some light on this timely topic. Keep reading as we help you find the perfect timing for your landscaping project!

best time to remove trees

Wait Until the Dormant Season

The days between winter and early spring, when most plants hibernate, often make for the ideal time of year for tree removal. Here’s why.

You Can Find Cheaper Services

Tree companies often have less work on their plates during the colder months, which can lead to competitive pricing. Since trees lose their leaves during this period, the process is also less labor-intensive, saving companies time and resources — savings they can pass on to you!

Protect Your Greenery

Trees aren’t the only ones sleeping through the winter; many pests and disease-causing organisms also become less during these months. If you want to remove a diseased tree without risking the health of your other specimens, now’s your golden opportunity. 

Preserve Soil Structure

Uprooting a tree while the temperatures are low can also help maintain the integrity of the surrounding soil structure. Frozen ground is less susceptible to collapsing or shifting, reducing the potential for damage to your yard. This is especially beneficial if your tree grows precariously near a structure or other valuable landscaping elements.

Exceptions to the Rule

Is the dormant season still the best time to remove trees if the specimens in question pose an imminent threat? Absolutely not. In situations where your tree endangers people or property, such as when a tree falls on your house or due to storm damage or disease, the best time to remove it is immediately, regardless of the season.

Certain tree species also have their own unique set of rules. For instance, elm, birch, and maple varieties bleed sap when cut during late winter or early spring. While this substance isn’t harmful, it can leave a sticky mess.

Why You Should Always Enlist the Help of a Certified Arborist

Tempting as it may be to grab your tools and tackle that troublesome specimen yourself, we advise against it. Underestimating the weight and physics of falling arboreal giants leads to disastrous consequences, such as personal injury or property damage. 

It’s also easy to overlook power lines or other hidden hazards while focusing on the task at hand. Why go through all that hassle and danger?

Your Dependable Tree Removal Services

The best time to remove trees may vary, but the best team to help you with the job remains constant: Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping Inc. Many of your neighbors have already made us their long-term landscaping ally, and we hope you’ll soon join their ranks. Call (310) 324-6593 today!

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