6 Bad Pruning Cuts You Should Avoid at All Costs

bad pruning cuts

Regular pruning helps your tree to grow healthy, keep diseases at bay, improve flower and fruit production, and more. But bad pruning cuts could spell trouble!

This post explores six mistakes to avoid when pruning your trees, as advised by the experts in tree trimming and pruning in Gardena, CA.

Prune At The Right Time and Location

#1 Pruning During the Wrong Season Damages Them

It’s best to prune your trees during the winter when they’re dormant. However, the ideal pruning season can differ between trees. For example, cherry and palm will need pruning in the summertime to minimize the risk of silver leaf disease.

If you have grapevines, be sure to prune them in the dead of winter. If you prune them during hot weather, they can bleed sap, become weak, and eventually die.

Taking the time to find out the right time to prune in your yard can avoid disaster, so don’t be shy to ask a tree care team like Gutierrez & Sons Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. for help.

#2 Pruning Plants at the Wrong Place Kills Them

Bad pruning cuts are a common mistake. The rule of thumb is to prune above the branches’ nodes. The node is the spot where buds and shoots spring up from the stem.

Know What to Prune and What Not To Touch On The Tree

#3 Pruning Plants More Than Necessary Delays Recovery

Pruning involves removing your plant’s stems or branches and leaves. However, remember that your tree depends on these two components for food. If you remove too much, particularly when pruning a sick tree, the plant won’t make adequate food, and the plant roots may die or take several years to recover.

#4 Pruning Gets Better Results If You Remove ‘Suckers’

Many plants develop suckers or baby plants popping up from their root system. These growths can make your tree heavy and out of control. And while they can help your tree produce more fruits, there’ll be increased competition for nutrients among the stems. 

Allowing suckers will end up giving you smaller fruit that requires more of the tree’s energy. Removing these suckers will make your plant more manageable and increase the fruit’s size!

Pruning Tools and Techniques Matter Hugely

#5 Using Dirty Pruning Tools

Are you using clean, top-quality pruning equipment? The last thing you want is to expose your tree to infections, such as those requiring brown spots treatment. Alcohol can help keep your pruning equipment disinfected without soaking.

#6 Pruning Plants at a Wrong Angle

Always prune at a downward angle to allow gravity to expel water from the pruned area. A 45-degree angle works best.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Incorrect pruning can stress your trees, leaving them structurally unstable and vulnerable to disease. Learn more about bad pruning cuts from Gutierrez & Sons Tree Service & Landscaping Inc., a trusted local arborist that offers a wide range of services, such as: 

  • Emergency tree services
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning

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