Tree Trimming Cost: 6 Determining Factors

tree trimming cost

How much does a tree trimming cost? This concern might come to mind when you see your beloved specimens looking a bit overgrown, lopsided, or simply out of place in your landscape. Let us demystify the question for you!

As Gardena’s trusted tree trimming and pruning service, we at Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping Inc always strive to help our clients make informed decisions for their yards and gardens. Read on as we break down the nitty-gritty details, so you can plan and budget accordingly.

1. Tree Height

Varieties that naturally reach impressive heights, like palms and pines, require more equipment and skilled labor to access the high canopies. A tall tree might also need extra support, such as ropes and safety gear, for the trimming process. As a result, it could increase the cost of pruning compared to a shorter variety.

2. Foliage Size

Do you have a small tree with fewer branches or a mature, expansive oak with thick growths? The size of the foliage affects the amount of time and resources needed for the pruning job. Smaller plants may take less than an hour to trim, while large trees can easily stretch up to two hours or more.

3. Existing Health Conditions

A struggling specimen may require more attention to detail and specialized care to safeguard its long-term health. Common warning signs include:

  • Wilted or discolored foliage
  • Unusual growths on trunks or branches
  • Discoloration of foliage
  • You smell musty or rotten odors near the tree
  • Cracking or flaking bark

When you hire professional tree trimming services, they may advise tackling any active infections, infestations, or widespread damage first.

4. Location

Location greatly impacts the tree trimming cost. Is it a freestanding shrub, wedged between two buildings, growing along the side of your home, or lying near a power line? Any obstacles around your plants might cause delays or require additional labor and specialized tree pruning tools like an electric saw or bucket truck, adding to the total expense.

5. Your Goals

Do you simply want to give your tree a lightly manicured look or require more extensive work? For instance, it might need strategic pruning to prevent branches from precariously hanging over your roofing.

6. Time of Year

Many people get their trees pruned in the early winter and late fall because the process usually takes less time. Since the leaves fall during these seasons, arborists can easily see and access the branches. The higher demand might mean that some companies charge more during this period.

Get a Specific Quote From the Go-To Arborist in Gardena

With so many elements to consider, the cost to trim trees can widely fluctuate depending on the project. Eliminate all your uncertainty by calling Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services at (310) 324-6593.Our veteran crew can inquire about your needs and provide a no-obligation tree trimming cost estimate. Check out the rest of our blog and discover the purpose of pruning trees — and why it’s a critical part of plant care.

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