Does Trimming Dead Branches Help a Tree?

does trimming dead branches help a tree

Does trimming dead branches help a tree? The answer is that correctly removing dead branches is helpful for a healthy tree. In this article, Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service, Gardena’s tree trimming and pruning experts, explain more about why general pruning techniques are useful. 

Why Do Tree Branches Die?

Branches may die due to damage to the branch collar or other parts, a lack of resources, or disease. Understanding why the limb died is important in case it is due to a disease. 

A simple scratch test will tell you if the branch is dead. If the inside of the twig is green or moist, it is still alive. 

Why Trim Dead Branches from Mature Trees?

Why does trimming dead branches help a tree? Dead limbs are dangerous for the tree and your property, but there are other reasons to prune the wood. 

Safety Purposes

Dying branches are nothing more than dead weight on the tree. As the wood dries, it becomes more brittle and more likely to snap off. The heavy wood will come crashing down during a storm, but it can snap anytime. 

In a severe storm, the branches can become deadly projectiles that can damage property or harm people. The primary reason for trimming the dead weight is for safety. 

The Tree’s Health

Dead branches are a burden for the tree. If they snap off, they may tear away healthy sections of the trunk and leave a significant wound. The falling branch may also damage healthy limbs on the way down.

If the branch is dying, removing it prevents the tree from wasting its resources. Furthermore, the dead limb makes a great home for pests and diseases to take root. Removing this section gives the tree a better chance of protecting itself against disease. 

Also, the dead limb blocks sunlight and soaks up moisture that the tree can put to better use. Finally, the wood can make the tree more liable to overbalance. 


Having a withered branch without leaves can mar your tree’s look. Removing it improves the aesthetic and opens up space for the tree to sprout new growth. The tree recovers quickly and adopts a more pleasing shape. 

Removing damaged branches is especially important for a fruit tree, but it benefits any species. Regular trims improve fruit and leaf production, making the tree look more vibrant. 

Why Get Professional Advice?

Using the wrong pruning techniques can do more harm than good. It’s worth getting professional advice about your next steps. Our team will help you remove the branches safely and work out why they died in the first place.

This is particularly important when it comes to preventing disease from spreading. 

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Does trimming dead branches help a tree? It definitely does because it helps the tree heal and can prevent tree removal down the line. If you need help with trimming or anything else related to your trees, call Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service at (310) 324-6593.

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