What Is the Purpose of Pruning Trees?

the purpose of pruning

Many property owners have a few favorite trees with unique characteristics. They’d love to see them develop a more natural form, free from human interference. If you have a similar perspective, you probably want to know the purpose of pruning trees in the first place. 

At Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping, we get numerous questions from clients about whether pruning is necessary. As Gardena’s tree trimming and pruning service provider, we answered the question. Read on to learn why trees need occasional pruning. 

The Purpose of Pruning Trees

Many people seek professional pruning services to help their trees look their best. But pruning and trimming do so much more than improve a tree’s aesthetic appeal. They promote better health and longevity when performed by professional arborists who understand pruning basics.  

Disease Treatment

Sometimes, losing a limb could save the whole tree. Trees can develop infections for a myriad of reasons:

  • Unhealed wounds that develop bacterial growth
  • Viruses that only attack trees
  • Fungal growth that eats away at the tree’s flesh

When an infection attacks a specific area, it uses it as a portal to travel through the rest of the tree. 

Additionally, the disease can spread to other trees and plants within the vicinity. When an arborist picks up on dead branches, they’ll inspect the affected tree to find the cause. If they discover that the tree exhibits other disease symptoms, they’ll eliminate that branch to prevent the spread.   

Growth and Fruit Promotion

The purpose of pruning extends to maintaining structural integrity and managing growth patterns as well. Some limbs can catch strong winds more easily, making them more susceptible to breakage. This may result in an unclean wound or property damage. 

Professional pruning can also influence the tree’s direction of growth. The tree must send nutrients to all branches for it to remain healthy. Branch elimination allows it to focus its efforts on more structurally important limbs. 

Plus, pruning encourages flower and fruit production in trees with these features. Insects and fungi love decayed branches. A decayed branch on a fruit tree can obliterate its harvest in no time. 

Hazard Reduction

Finally, pruning prevents property damage and injury. A branch’s direction of growth could directly overshadow your roof, car, or outdoor buildings. If that branch snaps from strong winds or a lightning strike, it could land directly on top of an important structure. 

Even worse, your or your loved ones could be underneath it when it falls. A heavy, mature limb falling from great heights will injure or kill anyone in its path. 

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You now know the purpose of pruning. Take a look outside to see whether any trees in your vicinity have damaged or sickly branches jutting out from the trunk. If you see any, contact our team at Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping for emergency tree service. 

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