Should You Remove Trees With Peeling Bark? 

While flowers, leaves, and fruit often receive more attention, the bark of a tree serves a critical purpose in preserving its overall well-being. It functions as the tree’s protective armor, shielding it against disease, animal or insect damage, and harsh weather conditions, among other threats.  

Is loose or peeling bark a cause for concern? What steps should you take when dealing with trees with peeling bark? In this post, we explore the reasons behind bark loss and provide expert guidance from Gardena’s emergency tree service on the best course of action. 

trees with peeling bark

Why Does Bark Peel Off?

Trees go through a lot of changes as they grow. Trees lose their bark for various reasons, some of which are problems and some of which aren’t. 

Tree Species That Have Peeling Bark 

Some tree species lose their bark as a natural growth habit. The most popular trees genetically designed to shed their bark include: 

  • Maple 
  • Sycamore 
  • Bitch 
  • Pine 
  • Ash 
  • Oak 

Besides creating room for new, healthy bark to grow, natural bark shedding works as a survival tool that eliminates unwanted pests. Bark shedding also helps trees rid themselves of bacteria, mosses, fungi, and other unwanted organisms. 

Environmental Causes 

Bark loss isn’t always natural, either. If the bark peels off and leaves the trunk bare, the tree may be going through something more than natural shedding.

Certain environmental factors may lead to bark peeling. Sunscald or frost, for example, may cause damage to the south side. Wrapping the trees may help them survive harsh winter weather. 

Also, if you notice the leaves on trees with peeling bark turning yellow, falling off prematurely, or wilting, you may have a diseased tree on your hands. Mats of fungus under the peeling layers of bark may also indicate signs of disease. The sooner you address such symptoms, the better. Prompt tree care may be the difference between saving your beautiful trees and having to chop them off. 

Professional Tree Care 

Remember, you want to exercise caution when it comes to the health of your trees. If you notice significant bark peeling or shredding, seek professional assistance. A certified arborist will help you diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action.  

Based on the specific circumstances, the arborist may suggest removing only the most affected parts of the tree or, as a last resort, chopping down the entire tree. Always call an expert; they can let you know whether they can treat the tree or if you need to remove it for safety reasons. 

Call Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Should you remove trees with peeling bark? The short answer: it depends. Look no further than your local arborists at Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service and Landscaping for professional tree care solutions. 

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  • Emergency services for damaged trees
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