When Is It Considered a Tree Emergency?

How do you know when you are facing a tree emergency? You may sometimes find it difficult to decide whether to call an emergency tree service or leave things until normal business hours commence again. To best serve property owners, Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service, your expert emergency tree service in Gardena, CA, clarifies the issue.

In this post, we deal with the course of action for trees on private land. If you notice a problem with trees on public land, you should contact the City of Gardena. The signs for both are, however, the same.

Leaning Tree

Some trees naturally lean and do so for years without problems. This phenomenon becomes a tree emergency when the tree leans at an angle of 15° or more or if the leaning appears new. If the tree was previously upright, leaning can indicate that it has unstable roots or a weak foundation. This tree faces an imminent risk of falling with the next heavy gust of wind.

Broken Branches

You should call a professional tree service to deal with a large broken branch, particularly if it remains partially attached. An arborist can remove the limb safely without further damage to the tree and give the tree its best chance of survival. 

They will also ascertain any underlying reason for the break. They will assess if the tree shows signs of pest damage or disease. This assessment may prove vital in preventing the entire tree from toppling at a later stage.

Storm Damage

Trees can weather many storms, but not always without sustaining damage. After a particularly vicious storm, it will pay you to schedule a tree assessment. Not only will your arborist safely remove damaged branches, but they will also assess the overall structural integrity of the tree.

They can also give their professional assessment of the tree’s chance of making a full recovery. In cases where the tree is sickly normally, removing it early on preserves resources that its replacement can better use.

Sick Trees

Sick trees can limp on for years. They neither thrive nor die off, merely content to consume resources as they slowly deteriorate. Such a tree reflects an emergency because it endangers other trees in the area.

It may be home to diseases, fungi, viruses, pests, and other pathogens that will spread eventually. Removing the tree often offers the best way to manage the risk. If you notice the following signs, you should call an arborist:

  • Many dead branches
  • Rotting roots
  • A hollow trunk
  • Unseasonal leaf drop
  • Abnormal growths on the trunk or branches
  • Discolored, malformed, or chewed leaves
  • Webs in the tree
  • Soft spots on the trunk

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A tree emergency is something that you should deal with immediately to prevent expensive property damage or injuries. If you don’t know whether you need tree removal services or have an emergency, call Gutierrez and Sons Tree Service at (310) 324 6593. Our team will advise you on your next steps.

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